Meet Kinky

Seventeen year old blogger, well, first time blogger that is. I’ve always wanted to start a blog and after years, I finally got the motives to do it. Still not familiar with WordPress so blog is not as up to date and kinked out as I would like. However, I hope to be fully acquainted with it within a couple days so that you can experience the true KinkyBliss  Yes, as the name states, i am indeed a kinky dinky. And for you crazy pervs out there, it’s hair-type kinky not- well, you know. I am very proud of my ethnicity, but that doesn’t mean i don’t know the struggles – ladies, I gotchu. I encourage everyone to follow and leave comments, because this blog is going to take you all over the place. From takes on hair to society to photography to sneak peaks of my future novels and more, you are bound to find a post or two that entices you. Feel free to comment and make suggestions on topic you’d like me to undertake. I intend on having a little Take It To Kinky Corner, but that will be down the line. I think I have a bit of a unique life, mind and soul; so what better way to embrace that than share it with the world!

E-mail me : for any inquiries.


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