Kinky’s Audition Slump

I recently auditioned for a role in a school play that is to be performed in an interscholastic competition- and well, I didn’t get the part. I know I should be disappointed and trust me, I am. I really really wanted to do this. However, a part of me is quite content that I did not get this role because I get to experience this disappointment at such an early stage in pursuing my acting career. Rather than remaining with the hopes and ego that I’m an amazing actress and I will get whatever role I audition for. I am quite aware that in the real world I’m going to get rejected a lot and miss out on great roles. Obviously that’s not what I want and hope for, but it is always a possibility.
Another thing that came out of this is that now I am so motivate to prove my instructor wrong and show him that I am on the level that he is looking for. Because I know in my heart and I am aware that with a lot of hard work I can pull off any role in any scene for any script.
My instructor did however tell me that he has a bigger project that he would like me to be a part of and so that makes me feel like maybe he does see greater potential in me. It is crystal that he remains skeptical about my skills and ability to commit, but I intend to use this opportunity- if given, to show him that I am indeed THE actress that he needs, as well as make him wish he’d I don’t know, given me the role.
I guess what all of this chattering is getting to is that, I could have gotten so discouraged by this and given up; but I didn’t. I found a light in a bit if darkness and I made it over power. Which is something I would encourage everyone out there to do. If you’re passionate about something, go for it! Don’t expect acceptance all the time- hell, some people just won’t know how to appreciate your talents; and that’s when you teach them how to!
I should probably get to class.

Hasta some time later,
Kinky B. 


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